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Welcome to Tock - open conversational platform

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Tock (The Open Conversation Kit) is a complete and open platform to build conversational agents - also known as bots.

The site is a good starting point to learn about the solution and its growing community.

Tock does not depend on 3rd-party APIs, although it is possible to integrate with them. Users choose which components to embed and decide to keep (or share) ownership of conversational data and models.

Tock has been used in production for several years by to propose various assistants over its own channels (Web, mobile), social networks, as well as smart speakers.

The platform source code is available on GitHub under the Apache License, version 2.0.

AlloCovid To find out more about AlloCovid (built with Tock) please visit Available by phone, on the Web and WhatsApp, the bot informs and guides French population about the Covid-19, thanks to experts, partners and volunteers. This page gives technical details and links to the sources.


NLU interface example - qualifying a sentence


Tock components can run as containers (provided implementation for Docker).

The application runs on JVM platforms. The reference language is Kotlin, but other programming languages can be leveraged through the available APIs.

On the server side, Tock relies on Vert.x and MongoDB (alt. DocumentDB). Various NLU libraries and algorithms can be used, but Tock does not depend on them directly.

Tock Studio graphical user interfaces are built with Angular in Typescript.

React and Flutter toolkits are provided for Web and Mobile integrations.

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