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Why Tock?

Created in 2016 by the Innovation team to implement voice-command on its mobile applications, the framework has then been used to create the Messenger chatbot, before being extended to support numerous channels and other bots with more use cases.

At first the platform showed results, similar to other available solutions on the market, while keeping the code in control (relying on opensource libraries and academic solutions) and preventing “black box” effects (eg. debugging conversational models) for more reactive agility.

Since then, the team behind OUIbot as well as other teams, dedicated to various conversational assistants at SNCF (see the showcase) use Tock every day in production and add new features and connectors to the platform on a regular basis.

We are convinced there is a need for open AI and conversational platforms, enabling various technical and business cases while keeping the code in control and the ownership of models and data.

More and more partners and third-parties, small and big companies in France and worldwide, share this vision and requirement for their own projects.

The complete Tock solution is shared with the community in order to federate and mutualize efforts from assistant builders.

Starting 2019, Tock is a recommended solution at Group SNCF. Several other companies leverage Tock in production (see showcase).

Eventually, we believe that Tock should join an Open Source organization, such as the TOSIT (The Open Source I Trust) association or an Open Source foundation or consortium.