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Deploy the Open Data Bot example with Docker.

A Sample Bot

The sample bot using Tock Integrated mode:

It uses Open Data SNCF API (french trainlines itineraries).

This is a good starting point, since it also includes a very simple NLP model.

Of course, as the model is not big, the quality of the bot is low, but still it’s enough to demonstrate the use of the toolkit.

Docker Images

Docker images in Docker Hub.

The source code used to build these images, as well as the docker-compose files used to start the Tock toolkit, are available in the GitHub repository

Start the NLP stack

    #get the last docker-compose file
    curl -o docker-compose.yml
    #get the script to start mongo in replicaset mode
    mkdir -p scripts && curl -o scripts/ && chmod +x scripts/
    #get the last tag
    curl -o .env
    #launch the stack
    docker-compose up

The admin webapp is now available on port 80: http://localhost

The default login is and the password is password.

### Sample bot based on Open Data APIs

A docker image is available to launch it directly. The instructions are specified in the github project containing the docker images.

Administration Interface Menu

The Configuration menu allows you to create new models and configure them.

The NLP and NLP QA menus are dedicated to building NLP models.

The Build, Test and Monitoring menus are used for building bots or assistants.