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More and more teams and companies trust in Tock and open conversational platforms.
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Built around a Tock bot, the French AlloCovid service informs and guides population about the Covid-19. Designed by French experts, partners and volunteers, it is available by phone, on the Web and WhatsApp.

Find out more by visiting The bot sources are available here.

Hackathon for all!

SNCF prepares a two-day open hackathon on Conversational AI using its Tock platform. Everyone can register and bring coding skills and use cases, such as travel, accessibility, entertainment... May the best team wins!

Rendez-vous November 21-22 at Espace 574 (St Denis) and the Hack & Bot Website.

Public Tock instance now available

A public online platform is now available, making it easier to test Tock without installing anything. A step-by-step guide can be found in the documentation, so give it a try!

Start opening then follow the "Try Tock" guide instructions.

They are using Tock...

They are always available: on the Web, mobile apps, social networks or smart speakers. These assistants and companies leverage Open Source to bring innovation and services.

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